Best Legal Magazines

As a professional I have always felt that it’s important to know what is happening in the world of law and how it would affect my life, the same principle applies to a common citizen as well. Below I would be sharing some of the best legal magazines that can be very helpful for professionals as well as those interest in law a great deal.

1) ABA Journal


This weekly magazine contains all the information about the most prominent legal cases in the country, reading this would certainly provide the readers with the general sense of how to the country is changing and what legal changes are going to affect their personal and professional life.

2) Legal Week


This is a great magazine that mostly deals with different firms operating in different regions. It is a great magazine to follow different events and firms. The magazine also gives notifications regarding the major legal events in the country.

3) The New Jurist


This magazine has a wider scope and rather than dealing with the local legal news and events, it deals with the major events throughout the world. A great read for students, professionals and common people alike to remain abreast about the legal changes that are happening around the world.

4) Lawyer Monthly


Another great addition to the legal world, lawyer monthly is great for the law students. It lists some of the most interesting cases around the world in a fun and interesting way providing a sense of entertainment that is usually common to legal magazines.

5) Legal Ink

legal ink

This is an online magazine that lets the users customize the news and feed based on their preference and location. The feature of customization adds a unique flavor of flexibility to this magazine, making it more relevant and current for the readers.