How companies can improve quality assurance programs

There are different ways in which companies can improve on their Call Quality Assurance programs. One way is through calibration. With calibration, it is important that companies create consistency into the quality assurance program by way of calibration. Basically, calibration is a process of teaching call center staffs involved in conducting quality assurance evaluations how to give scores on different transactions and how to do it on an equitable and consistent basis. To ensure that a quality assurance program is fair for all call center agents, it is advisable that all quality assurance reviewers concur on the value and meaning of every question in the form of monitoring.
For consistency to be achieved in a Call Center QA program, it is essential to run a calibration session where reviewers carefully listen to the same calls, score the calls and identify different variances in their scoring approaches and set up standard measures that will be used by all going forward and reconcile all their differences. The best way of reaching consensus is to run various calibration sessions. In essence, calibration should be an ongoing process and managers must ensure that the process is being run smoothly. It is also a great idea for managers to involve all agents in this calibration process. This is to ensure that they appreciate the different challenges that are associated with evaluating transactions consistently. The second way of improving on Call QA is by defining program mechanics. In other words, companies should define all the mechanics of their quality assurance programs. This can include defining who is responsible for performing evaluations, defining frequency and the number of evaluations, the number of coaching and training sessions an agent should undergo per month and the different ways of selecting chat sessions, emails and calls for evaluations. Where a quality assurance application is used, most mechanics in this case will be automated which may include the process of selecting transactions. click here for more information about Call Center QA