ESTA application- some points that one has to keep in mind when applying for it

If you are seeking to apply for esta travel authorization application, you are supposed to necessarily meet the set up criteria that allow you visiting to other nation. The first thing that you need to consider is you must belong to the nation of which citizens are allowed to get into the nation. The next step is the nation you are planning to visits is letting tourist to stay only for 90 days. Theesta is valid only up to 90 days only. A person willing to travel must necessarily have well approved esta to travel by ship or plane with no troubles any more.
When you apply for it, you must have read out below listed points. You as a tourist will be able to apply for it if meeting these obligations- • You can stay in the nation for only 90 days. • The one having the passport of VISA Waiver nation will be eligible to getestaand then get into the nation. In simple the passport should be valid and must be issued under the VISA Waiver program. • The process of applying is done online only and no offline process role is there. • The result to the applicant whether its application is rejected or accepted will be in 3 days. • ESTA can only be used by the one going out for business purpose, tour or medical purpose and no illegal purpose is entertained.
• Once can get into the nation only by water means of transportation or by air means of transportation. • An applicant must mandatorily have machine readable or electronic readable passport. • There are some nations permitted to send their citizen for various purposes. If you belong to that nation you are eligible for esta and getting in the country’s city. All these are essential things that one has to keep in mind when applying for an esta visa application travel authorization application.