The top 4 American cities with the highest crime rates

America is a large nation with millions of people belonging from different religions, races and parts of world. It is a huge country that is attracts people from all around the world. Below I list some of the cities of American that have the worst cases of crime.

1) Detroit


Detroit has the highest rate of crimes in the entire country. Statistics reveal that more than 2000 incidents of violent crimes occur per every 100,000 people. The city had even higher crime rate that has been reduced by nearly 10% since 2014. The city has also appointed a new chief of police who has vowed to make Detroit one of the safest cities in the entire nation.

2) Oakland


Oakland has been the second most dangerous city in American since 2010. The police have revised their strategy by making smaller teams that has increased the coverage and speed of police action. Despite the decrease in crimes the city stills hosts some of the most violent crimes every year.

3) Memphis


Memphis had nearly 124 murders last year and has moved from the 4th dangerous city to 3rd, despite the worsening rating the city was successful in decreasing the violent crime rate and continues to improve the law order situation in hopes of providing better condition for the locals to live in.

4) Cleveland


Cleveland experienced a drastic increase the level of violent crimes. The increase in the crime was mainly associated with the robberies and cases of assault. In 2015 the active participation of law enforcement agencies led to a decrease in the murder rates but major violent incidents have made Cleveland one of the most violent cities of America.

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