How to resolve conflicts without lawyers

As human beings it is part of our nature to disagree, to different opinions about pretty much anything. Human history is filled with stories of greatness and vileness. The difference between both of these is very little.

Going too far can make a person tyrant in the eyes of history but keeping the right balance can alleviate that same person to the status of heroism. The basic way to deal with conflicts is to avoid bias and let the arguments convey or sway the decisions of the party.

Legal process can be very lengthy and can require months or years in some cases to reach its conclusion in such cases the parties involved in the dispute may not wish to go through such a lengthy and costly process.

conflictIn order to resolve the disputes without the lawyers the parties involved must be prepared to hear the both sides of the argument. Discussion and having the patience to hear each other could greatly assist in the resolution of the conflict, but the decision needs to benefit both the parties rather than accruing the major benefits on a single party.

Because if the decision costs one party and benefits another that would not be accepted by all that are involved in the dispute in that case the parties would have to employ the legal means to resolve the dispute.

The parties involved in the dispute must understand that it is far cheaper and quicker to deal with the matters of civil disputes outside the court. Doing that would not only help the parties save time and money but would also keep the event silent resulting in guarding the reputation of both parties.