Why did you hire your lawyer?

These days it is not uncommon to find that normal people are experiencing legal problems. Look at the side of any bus or up on any billboard and there’s a good chance you will see an advertisement for a lawyer in your neighborhood. But if you’re someone who can’t imagine needing to hire a lawyer, this story from “Mary” will give you something to consider.

Q: So tell us what was going on in your life when you considered hiring a lawyer?
A: I suspected that my husband was cheating on me because he started making excuses about coming home late every Friday after work. I decided a private investigator in Boston would be able to confirm my suspicions, and that’s exactly what happened.

Q: So you hired a private detective before you hired a lawyer. That was a smart move. How did you choose one?
A: I looked on Google and called a few firms before deciding I would meet one private detective in person.

Update: “Mary” has requested that the remainder of our interview be taken offline for privacy reasons. We thank her for participating. If you would like to be our next interviewee, please let us know.

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The top 4 American cities with the highest crime rates

America is a large nation with millions of people belonging from different religions, races and parts of world. It is a huge country that is attracts people from all around the world. Below I list some of the cities of American that have the worst cases of crime.

1) Detroit


Detroit has the highest rate of crimes in the entire country. Statistics reveal that more than 2000 incidents of violent crimes occur per every 100,000 people. The city had even higher crime rate that has been reduced by nearly 10% since 2014. The city has also appointed a new chief of police who has vowed to make Detroit one of the safest cities in the entire nation.

2) Oakland


Oakland has been the second most dangerous city in American since 2010. The police have revised their strategy by making smaller teams that has increased the coverage and speed of police action. Despite the decrease in crimes the city stills hosts some of the most violent crimes every year.

3) Memphis


Memphis had nearly 124 murders last year and has moved from the 4th dangerous city to 3rd, despite the worsening rating the city was successful in decreasing the violent crime rate and continues to improve the law order situation in hopes of providing better condition for the locals to live in.

4) Cleveland


Cleveland experienced a drastic increase the level of violent crimes. The increase in the crime was mainly associated with the robberies and cases of assault. In 2015 the active participation of law enforcement agencies led to a decrease in the murder rates but major violent incidents have made Cleveland one of the most violent cities of America.

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What type of lawyer do you need?

Law is very detailed, lengthy and has thousands of different clauses, cases and principles. Each case requires a certain area of specialty in order to increase the chances of victory in the legal dispute. Generally the cases are divided into two major categories called Civil and Criminal Law.

The civil law cases generally arise as a result of disagreement or conflict between two different parties. If you are going through a similar situation then you would need an injury lawyer or if it relates to a particular category or area of business such as real estate of business formation that you would need to hire the lawyer who specializes in that area of practice.

protecting client

As far as the criminal cases are concerned the focus is shifted from protecting the rights of an individual to ensuring that a person is given his or her rights. In criminal acts the parties involved have either committed or are claiming that someone has committed an intentional act that resulted in injury or substantial loss.

Criminal cases usually tend to have severe punishments involving imprisonment or other bodily sentences. If you are being charged with a criminal offense you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer with a terrific case history. While in the civil cases the sentence are usually invoked in a form of monetary payment or an injunction that prohibits a person from acting in a certain manner.

It is always good to search online regarding the case to understand where your legal matter falls in the equation. There are hundreds of sites on the Internet that can easily identify the type of lawyer you require and can also give recommendations regarding the lawyer.

But before making a decision you need to ensure that the attorney has proper experience and ability to handle complex parts of your case.

Here’s David Kaufman’s video on finding a good lawyer. Very valid points made here…

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How to resolve conflicts without lawyers

As human beings it is part of our nature to disagree, to different opinions about pretty much anything. Human history is filled with stories of greatness and vileness. The difference between both of these is very little.

Going too far can make a person tyrant in the eyes of history but keeping the right balance can alleviate that same person to the status of heroism. The basic way to deal with conflicts is to avoid bias and let the arguments convey or sway the decisions of the party.

Legal process can be very lengthy and can require months or years in some cases to reach its conclusion in such cases the parties involved in the dispute may not wish to go through such a lengthy and costly process.

conflictIn order to resolve the disputes without the lawyers the parties involved must be prepared to hear the both sides of the argument. Discussion and having the patience to hear each other could greatly assist in the resolution of the conflict, but the decision needs to benefit both the parties rather than accruing the major benefits on a single party.

Because if the decision costs one party and benefits another that would not be accepted by all that are involved in the dispute in that case the parties would have to employ the legal means to resolve the dispute.

The parties involved in the dispute must understand that it is far cheaper and quicker to deal with the matters of civil disputes outside the court. Doing that would not only help the parties save time and money but would also keep the event silent resulting in guarding the reputation of both parties.

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